Powder Coating Services

In our Carson City facility, RHI Powder offers clients many powder coating services; including a chemical spray wash cleaning, sand blasting, burn-off oven, special packaging, and more….

Expertly trained staff, working in a clean, safe environment, take pride in their work providing attention to detail, while developing a superior, long lasting product, exceeding your powder coating requirements.

Why Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a type of “free flowing” dry powder comprised of thermoplastic or thermoset polymer granules mixed with a hardener, color pigments and powder mixing agents. Regardless of your project requirements, powder coating provides many benefits versus traditional wet painting.

We offer a full line of custom services that produce the highest quality powder coating applications and address your projects particular requirements.

Our Services Include

At RHI Powder, our exceptional staff is here to help you through each step of the powder coating process. Through the initial consultation, we are able to better understand your business processes as well as the environment the product will live in after it is assembled. With this information, we are able to make appropriate recommendations to help improve your time to market, potentially reduce surface preparation time and increase the longevity of the final product.

Call or email us with questions! We are happy to assist you in navigating and understanding the numerous powder coating options available including:

• Type of environment your product lives in
• Color effects and color matching
• Type of metal and desired finish
• Surface preparation
• Quantities
• Project scheduling and lead-times
• Final packaging and delivery

After our consultation, RHI Powder will provide a sample finished part (s). Once approved, your project will be added to our manufacturing queue. Pre-production samples are only available to our industrial/commercial customers with regular volume orders.

Proper removal of all oil, dirt, metal oxidation, grease etc. is paramount in creating an exceptional finish. Depending on the size and material of the work piece, proper cleaning can be done via chemical pre-treatment, sand blasting or burn-off oven.

Typical, chemical cleaning involves submersion or spray application. Sand blasting, or abrasive blasting, is achieved through the use of a blast medium disbursed at high speeds onto the work piece. Blasting medium can often times be recycled and is highly efficient for steel parts. Additional blasting may be required to produce certain finish textures. Finally, we offer the burn-off oven as a standard method of preparation due to the ability to clean many parts at once with little or no pollution or hazardous waste.

Not all methods of preparation are appropriate for all projects. Please contact our experienced staff to discuss the most cost-effective and efficient option for your next powder coating project.

  • Project pretreatment types:
        • Sand Blasting
          May be required for certain final finish textures
        • Chemical pre-treatment
          Typically used on metal fabrication
          Maybe more economical than sand blasting depending upon the project
        • Burn-off
          Ability to clean many parts in one application with little environmental impact.

At RHI Powder, we utilize only premium powder coatings from top manufacturers. With 50 stocked colors, we can offer customers cost effective options for time sensitive projects. Looking for something in particular? Hundreds more are readily available. We are confident you will find the perfect coating for your next project.

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Customer Technical Guidelines for Incoming Parts

RHI Powder has establish basic guidelines for customers to adhere to in order to alleviate potential pitfalls and achieve optimum powder coating finishes. Please review before shipping or delivering your products to our facility. Should you have questions or concerns about your particular project, contact us and one of our experienced team members will be happy to assist.

Proper Labeling

Label each individual package shipped or delivered to RHI Powder with:

Name/Company Name
Powder Coating Color
Purchase Order
Part Number
Special Instructions


Please ensure that inbound products are properly packaged to ensure their safe delivery to our facility. We offer customers various packaging options for return shipment. Please contact one of our technical assistants to determine the best options for your project.


Carefully remove any ink markings such as mill applied lettering, marks or other labeling; improper removal can lead to inadequate coating coverages or uneven finishes.

Any projects not received in powder coat ready condition will be subject to additional charges.

Weld Spatter

All welds should be properly cleaned and surrounding areas free of weld spatter. RHI Powder preparation is designed to remove surface contaminants and is not designed to substitute for mechanical cleaning. Improper cleaning can negatively impact the desired powder coat finish and durability.

Any projects not received in powder coat ready condition will be subject to additional charges.

Packaging Debris

Parts should be free of packaging materials and shipping debris. Special consideration should be given to clear tape. All tape and adhesive residue must be carefully and fully removed. Remove adhesive residue with rubbing alcohol or paint thinner. Failure to do so can lead to coating failure including zero powder adhesion, distorted finishes and uneven finishes.

Any projects not received in powder coat ready condition will be subject to additional charges.

Oxidation, Hot-Rolled Steel, and Laser Scale

All oxidation including rust, white rust, mill scale or laser, etc. scale must be removed. Improper removal can lead to a low level of powder adhesion and a lower quality finish. Should you experience issues in removing all of the oxidation on your products, please contact us to discuss advance cleaning options available through RHI Powder.

Any projects not received in powder coat ready condition will be subject to additional charges.

Galvanized and Zinc Substrates

If your product has a galvanized steel or zinc coatings it must be free of defect. RHI Powder is not responsible for sub-standard substrates as it adversely affects the final product. In no way is RHI Powder liable for lesser coating quality such as roughness, pinholes, or decreased powder adhesion on these substrates. Ultimately, the customer is responsible for the condition of the substrate.

Any projects not received in powder coat ready condition will be subject to additional charges.


Proper drainage of tubing is imperative to proper powder coating adherence to products. All parts fabricated from tubing should have drain holes. It must be noted that powder will not adhere to a tube with water or air trapped inside. Additionally, all parts must be hung during the powder coating process and configuration of the part must be considered for application. The customer will be notified of any special requirements when the purchase order is placed.

Any projects not received in powder coat ready condition will be subject to additional charges.

Dedicated to high quality and unmatched customer service, RHI Powder is a full service custom powder coating company with an experienced team of professional craftsmen. All products are handled with care and attention to every detail is given to ensure an exemplary final finish. Throughout the various processes, projects undergo numerous checks and inspections enabling RHI Powder to provide exceptional, high caliber, industrial grade finishes that meet or exceed the unique specifications of our customers. After powder coating, all jobs are given a final inspection before being carefully packaged or prepared for customer pickup or delivery.

RHI Powder offers local delivery of finished projects or customers are welcome to pick up. Local delivery is available within a 50 mile radius of our facility and includes: Carson City, Reno, Sparks, Gardnerville, Minden, Lake Tahoe, and Dayton. Shipping is available upon request.

All projects are carefully wrapped in blankets and cellophane wrap to ensure safe transfer to the customer.

Please contact us with specific questions regarding your particular projects packaging & delivery requirements. Be sure to include your preferred inbound and outbound delivery method when requesting a quote on these services.

Powder Coating provides customers with a superior option to traditional wet painting. Some of the many benefits include:

    • Longer lasting finishes
    • Finishes are harder and tougher
    • Superior finishes for outdoor application
    • Thickness of the finishes can be controlled
    • Military Specifications available
    • No running or sagging of the finish
    • Minimum appearance differences between horizontal and vertical surfaces
    • Green Product: fewer volatile organic compounds (VOC) are released or evaporated into the air
    • Over spray can be recycled
    • Virtually any color can be created
    • Multiple colors can be applied in a single application allowing for blending and special effects.
    • Different textures can be created

Reduce Surface Preparation Time….did you know….

The use of powder coating with a wrinkle or kettle finish can reduce your surface preparation time. Typically, a fabrication shop will weld, cut and finish the part, then they will spend time grinding down the surfaces and use solvents to remove waste products.

By using a wrinkle for kettle finish, RHI Powder can handle the material pre-treatment process for you. Since we are able to apply a powder with a textured finish, time consuming and costly surface preparation time can be greatly reduced. Not only does a textured powder coating provide for a professional and classic look, but it also produces a finish that is more durable and tolerant to scratching than other finishes.

Stop by our Northern Nevada powder coating facility to see and feel the difference between the many textures and finishes we offer. Located in Carson City….just minutes from Reno, Sparks, Lake Tahoe, Gardnerville, Minden, Dayton and Fernley!