Burn Off & Paint Stripping Services

RHI Powder offers expert burn off services for powder coating professionals and do it yourselfer’s alike.

While there are several methods to removing excess powder coating from cleaning racks and hangers, and paint stripping, by far the most convenient and quickest method is to use a burn off or hot strip oven. Typically, these ovens use extremely high temperatures (up to 1000F degrees) for several hours to burn coatings to ash leaving the metal like new and ready to use. This method is a safe and affordable alternative to time consuming and dangerous processes such as chemical and mechanical stripping. Chemical removal is hazardous to both people and the environment, and sandblasting is abrasive and can damage the metal.

Burn off ovens are no longer reserved for large scale operations due to their relatively high acquisition cost! Now, RHI Powder brings these cost-effective cleaning and de-coating services to virtually any size operation in Northern Nevada.

RHI Powder can easily handle all your batch burning requirements with our three burn off ovens. (Useable space is listed as: L X W X H)

  • Steelman oven: 3’x3’x4’
  • ACE medium oven: 4’x5’x4’
  • ACE large oven: 16.5’x8’x7.5’

Why Burn Off!

  • Fast and affordable paint stripping and burn off
  • Professionally clean powder coating racks and hangers
  • Rid components of contaminants such as rust, paint, rubber, grease, powder coating, oil, and epoxy. Note that customers need to remove as much grease and oil from components as possible prior to burn off.

Advantages of Burn Off

Burn off strips virtually all organic materials and powder coating

Cleans virtually any shape item including: racks, hooks, baskets, load bars, grating, and fixtures

Safe for steel parts

Accommodates small and large batches

The components can be rolled into oven

RHI ovens utilize a Radiant Tube (RT) heating technology, which combines convection and radiant heat to safely clean parts

Safe for the environment

Contact RHI Powder today to get a free quote on our burn off oven and paint stripping services.