Environmentally Conscientious

RHI Powder is dedicated to implementing green technology. Known as the environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wet painting, powder coating offers many green advantages to customers while providing more durable and attractive finishes.

Advantages to the environment:

  • No solvents are utilized in the coating process
  • Less air pollution: fewer volatile organic compounds (VOC) are released or evaporated into the air
  • Over spray can be recycled. Typically, 90% of powder is utilized in initial application and 98% of overspray is recycled
  • Virtually no waste product or bi-product: Less waste materials into landfills
  • Not considered hazardous waste
  • Exhaust air and heat is recycled into the oven allowing for less omissions and lower energy for heating
  • Powder coating is a LEEDs (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Program approved finish
  • State and Federal emission regulations are easier to meet with powder coating

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